CAMAF Wellness Club Indemnity


The Chartered Accountants (SA) Medical Aid Fund (CAMAF) Online Wellness Club is managed by an independent professionally registered Biokineticist (Wellness Club Coach), on behalf of CAMAF, in a virtual / online and digital environment.


The CAMAF Wellness Club regularly covers the following:

  • Virtual exercise classes for adults and children
  • Exercise programs
  • Webinars & workshops that are focused on well being
  • Recipes for a variety of dietary requirements
  • Information on topical issues surrounding the industry
  • Health articles and blogs


As a current or prospective Wellness Club member, please familiarise yourself with the following:


Seek advice from medical professionals

As with any physical activity, it is important that before beginning any fitness regime, you consult with your health care professional to ensure that you are mindful of your current health or any restrictions that are applicable to you. You should immediately seek medical attention if there are any unanticipated changes to your physical condition at any time. Information provided by the Wellness Club is not intended to be used as medical advice and the membership is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition (including any mental health conditions) or for any therapeutic purposes. Before relying on the information presented on the website and any live sessions, you should carefully evaluate the accuracy and relevance of the information for the purpose for which it was intended and obtain appropriate professional medical advice. You must consult a qualified medical professional if you have any questions concerning your medical condition or injury.


In conjunction with the meal plans and advice provided, we recommended that you exercise regularly.
Persons with pre-existing medical conditions, in poor health, or with any concerns as to commencement of a new fitness regime should consult with an appropriate healthcare professional before beginning any of these programs and/or online workouts. You are responsible to make your own inquiries and seek independent advice from a healthcare professional before acting on any information or material made available to you through our platform. The information provided may not be suitable to your particular circumstances and is not a substitute for obtaining specific advice from a qualified health care professional.


In particular, if you fall within one of the following classes of persons, then you should first consult a healthcare professional before following any exercise programs or using any of the information on the Website:

  • pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding or who are trying to conceive a child;
  • persons with any ongoing physical condition such as;
    • persons suffering from cancer or other long term illness;
    • persons suffering from cancer or other long term illness;
    • persons with liver disease, kidney disease, or renal failure;
    • persons with eating disorders;
    • persons with diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol issues;
    • elderly persons;
    • persons recovering from or recently recovered from illness or injury; and
    • persons with a low body mass index


Further to the above, even if you do not fall into the above classes of persons, you acknowledge that the service that we provide is a supplementary service only, and that you are solely responsible for (at your own discretion) following (or not following) any advice provided by our team.


Membership to the Wellness Club will require you to be part of one of our social media closed groups (WhatsApp/Facebook).
Kindly email us should you require more information on our social media platforms.



Personal information of you and your registered dependents, which you supply to the Wellness Club or which the Wellness Club has obtained lawfully, is available to the Fund and the Wellness Club Coach.


Any personal information provided will be used by the Fund and the Wellness Club Coach in accordance with the Rules and subject to applicable legislation.



You will not personally, nor will you allow third parties on your behalf to:

  • Make and distribute copies of the Wellness Club page and its contents;
  • Attempt to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile, transfer, exchange or translate the website; or
  • Create derivative works of the website of any kind whatsoever.


The website is currently made available to you free of charge for your personal, non-commercial use.


The Fund reserves the right to amend or withdraw the website, or charge for the website or service provided to you in accordance with the Website Terms, at any time and for any reason. In such circumstances of a charge arising, you will be informed prior to such charge becoming effect, and you will have the option to opt out.


You acknowledge that the terms of the agreement with your Internet provider will continue to apply when using the website. As a result, you may be charged by the Internet provider for access to network connection services for the duration of the connection while accessing the website or any such third party charges as may arise. You accept responsibility for any such charges that arise.


If you are not the bill payer for the device being used to access the website, you will be assumed to have received permission from the bill payer for accessing and using the website.



The Fund may in its sole discretion amend the Wellness Club Terms and/or the website from time to time, such changes will be accordingly communicated to you.



In no event shall the Fund be liable for any direct, indirect, special, punitive or consequential losses or damages or penalties of whatsoever kind arising out of your use of or access to the Wellness Club, including loss of profit or the like whether or not in the contemplation of the parties, whether based on breach of contract, delicit (including negligence), product liability or otherwise.


The Fund shall not be liable to you for any damage or alteration to your equipment, including but not limited to computer equipment, handheld devices or mobile telephones as a result of the use of the website.



You consent to the collection, processing and use of you and your registered dependents’ personal information by the Fund as described in the Rules.


You guarantee to the extent that it may be required by law that you have the necessary consent from your dependents to provide the consent as set out in this section on their behalf.



The Wellness Club will from time to time run promotions. The rules for each promotions will be communicated clearly at all times. The Fund and the Club Coach’s decisions about the outcome of promotions are final. There will be an opt-out function for these promotions.



All trademarks, copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights of any nature in the website together with the underlying software code are owned either directly by the Fund or by the Fund’s licencors.


You do not obtain any trademarks, copyright, database rights or any other intellectual property rights of any nature or licences by using the website.



The Fund may in its sole discretion terminate the use of this website at any time by giving notice of termination to you.


Upon termination of use of this website, the rights granted to you in terms of the Website Terms shall terminate immediately.