Chronic Disease List (PMB)

Chronic Disease List – PMB CDL Conditions – All Options
ConditionConsultationLevel of Consultation Cover
ADDISON’S DISEASEGeneral Practitioner (GP), Physician, Paediatrician100% COST
ASTHMA*GP, Physician, Pulmonologist, Paediatrician100% COST
BIPOLAR MOOD DISORDER*Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker100% COST
BRONCHIECTASIS*GP, Physician, Pulmonologist, Physiotherapist100% COST
CARDIAC FAILUREGP, Physician, Cardiologist100% COST
CARDIOMYOPATHYGP, Physician, Cardiologist100% COST
CHRONIC OBSTRUCTIVE PULMONARY DISEASE (COPD)*GP, Physician, Pulmonologist, Physiotherapist100% COST
CORONARY ARTERY DISEASEGP, Physician, Cardiologist, Dietician100% COST
CROHN’S DISEASEGP, Gastroenterologist, Physician, General Surgeon100% COST
DIABETES INSIPIDUSGP, Physician, Paediatrician, Endocrinologist100% COST
DIABETES MELLITUS (TYPE 1 AND TYPE 2)*GP, Physician, Paediatrician, Ophthalmologist, Dietician, Podiatrist, Endocrinologist100% COST
DYSRHYTHMIAGP, Physician, Cardiologist, Paediatrician100% COST
EPILEPSYGP, Physician, Neurologist, Paediatrician100% COST
GLAUCOMAGP, Physician, Ophthalmologist100% COST
HAEMOPHILIA A & BGP, Physician, Paediatrician, Haematologist100% COST
HIV/AIDS**GP, Physician, Paediatrician100% COST
HYPERLIPIDAEMIA*GP, Physician, Cardiologist, Paediatrician, Dietician100% COST
HYPERTENSION*GP, Physician, Cardiologist, Dietician100% COST
HYPOTHYROIDISMGP, Physician, Paediatrician100% COST
MULTIPLE SCLEROSISGP, Physician, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Urologist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist100% COST
PARKINSON’S DISEASEGP, Physician, Neurologist100% COST
Rheumatoid ArthritisGP, Physician, Rheumatologist, Paediatrician100% COST
SCHIZOPHRENIA*Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist, Social Worker100% COST
SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSISGP, Physician, Dermatologist, Paediatrician100% COST
ULCERATIVE COLITISGastroenterologist, GP, Physician100% COST

In terms of the Medical Schemes Act Regulations that came into effect on 1 January 2004, Medical Schemes are required to fund the cost of the diagnosis, medical management
(consultations and procedures) and medication of the specified list of chronic conditions. All of these conditions are covered by CAMAF.
*Subject to registration on relevant Wellness Programme.
**Subject to registration with LifeSense.